MDO Catering Trains offshore crews on First Aid and CPR


MDO Catering,  the premiere offshore catering company with branches worldwide choose Hy-Classe Training to provide Safety and health Training to it workers onboard the Paragon offshore Installation L782 drilling for SOCO in Pointe Noire Congo, The training given to the offshore crews comprise of Basic First Aid and CPR, Basic Fire Fighting and Galey Fire Prevention and, HCCP.


MDO Catering’s decision to use Hy-Classe Training as their Training provider for crews working offshore was reached after Hy-Classe Training administered an offshore HSE induction training to employees of Lassie services drilling for SOCO onboard the Paragon Offshore Installation L782.

“We were looking for a company that will train our offshore workers on offshore safety on the courses required by international bodies. We had many offers but the proposal submitted by Hy-Classe Training was the best in terms of training methodology, training content, technical knowhow of the staff, flexibility and cost. The training program presented by Hy-Classe Training was the best, so we had to choose Hy-Classe Training as are training provider. We are happy because the company has done an excellent job, the feedback we are getting from our crews who attended the training sessions organized by Hy-Classe Training are wonderful, I am glad because this is an indication that our purchasing department is doing a good job in sourcing for service providers”. An official of MDO Catering intimated after the training session on first aid administered to MDO Catering crews.

The MDO official said the training provided by Hy-Classe Training to MDO Catering are part of MDO Catering’s philosophy of employees’ career development, employee safety and health and a conscious move to continuously build a workforce that takes safety as a responsibility and a priority. He acclamated the training session and express anxiety to see participant putting in place knowledge and skills acquired.

Crew members who attended the training sessions on first aid lauded with gratitude, the professionalism of the trainers. Many of the trainees described the training as a Hybrid training course developed in their favor. “I have attended and participated in many training sessions. This training is the best, the Trainer is excellent. He is not only a trainer but a professional who has been in the field for a very long time. These are the type of people we need as trainers” Mayamou Nobert said at the end of the training session.
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