Forklift Operations, CAMLEV Goes for Hy-Classe Group

Hy-Classe Group to train forklift operators working on construction sites where lifting operations are manned by CAMLEV in Central and West Africa. This contract awarded to Hy-Classe Group come after Hy-Classe Training, an enterprise of the Hy-Classe Group completed training courses on telescopic mobile crane operation for crane operators working for CAMLEV in Central Africa.

The forklift operators were trained on the use of telehandler forklift truck. The training was delivered in accordance with ASME Standard. It covered a telehandler forklift truck safety features, operational hazards associated with the use of the telehandler forklift, laws and regulations governing the use of a telehandler, hazards control measures etc.

Hyclasse-group Forklift Telehandler Truck Training group-ortec 002Hyclasse-group Forklift Telehandler Truck Training group-ortec 003

Participants who attended the Forklift training thanked the management of CAMLEV and Hy-Classe Training for the training package. “The competence of the trainer beats my imagination, thank goodness we already have Cameroonians with the ability to produce such high performance. The practical session, a complement to the theoretical has been very excellent. I will spread the good news.” Said FIFEN Patrice 

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