British High Commission Trains Employees on First Aid, and AED.


The British High Commission in Yaoundé supporting a full range of British government objectives across Cameroon, Gabon, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic has trained her workers on First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and the use of the Automatic External Defibrillator. The training course was delivered by Hy-Classe Training Cameroon.


For a period of two days, Hy-Classe Training gave in-depth explanations on; how to control cardiac arrest, heart attack and how to  use a defibrillator,   the workers were train on how to stop bleeding, recognized complications in close and open fractures, internal bleeding, reanimates a dyeing  victim, head and spinal injury.

The trainer from Hy-Classe Training went as far as teaching the workers how to control and manage cases of fits, seizures and convulsion, choking, electrical shocks, stroke fainting and diabetes.
With the Aid of dummies, defibrillator set and defibrillator trainers,   The workers carried out hands on exercises and practical sessions on how to take and determine the state of consciousness and unconsciousness of a victim, how to take a pulse and use the Glasgow comma scale,  place a victim in the recovery position and made emergency alert.
“I have attended many training sessions on First Aid, and I affirm this training is the best I have ever had. The material is rich in contents; the training method adopted by the trainer is a type that I have never seen nor witness. He makes learning very easy and fun.  His approach in handling different topics put you in the scene and you know that you are a First Aider, not just a trainee. I affirm the British High Commission made the right choice by choosing Hy-Classe Training to deliver this training course” Prudentia Jungloh, a participant at the training said after the training session
“Yes, this training session on First Aid is the best I have ever received since I began attending training session. The didactique materials use by this company Hy-Classe training are second to none in all the training courses I have received, from the arrangement of the training hall to the equipment used during the practical session, all is perfect. I am extending gratitude to the British High commission for choosing Hy-Classe training to deliver this training course. It has been wonderful” said Richard Buh
I recommend with utmost assurance, the services of Hy-Classe Training to other companies needing to train its workers. Hy-Classe Training has got it best the first time and that is what we encourage and need from our suppliers, getting it right the first time. 
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