Train The Trainer Training

modules developed and presented by the groups of participant. Upon completion participants should be able to:

  • Instruct, design and develop training modules
  • Develop training aids, audio-visual materials, role plays, charts, surveys, self-assessment etc.
  • Use advance training aid.
  • Prepare a training session, hall, equipment, accommodation etc.
  • Determine the training needs of an organization
  • Design a simple training matrix for an organization.
  • Coordinate employee training activities.

Training Duration:

This Train the Trainer training  has a duration of 5 days with a ratio of 50% practice and 50% theory. This includes classroom presentations, discussion, exercises and practical sessions. Participants will design, develop and deliver short training course. We can organise the training onsite in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea

Training Prerequisite:

Participant for this this Train the Trainer training should hold at least a high school certificate and be competent in their desired subject area. Understanding of either english or french will be an added advantage.

Who will Benefit from this Train the Trainer  Training

This this Train the Trainer training  is intended for individuals who are to be involved in providing in house training to employees of their companies. Personnel in the human resources department, company base trainers, training supervisor, coordinators and manager including any person who aspires to become a trainer. Teachers and training program designers will gain a lot from this training.

Training Course Outline

Unit One:

Training preparation and delivery

Element 1: Qualities of a good trainer

Introductory presentation: assessing your delivery skills, traits of an effective trainer, components of an effective training program, unperceived errors in training

Element 2: Presentation and facilitation skills

Public Speaking and facilitation skills, developing unique training style(s), tweaking your skills as a presenter/facilitator, planning and preparing a training session, overcoming fear and nervousness


Element 3: Creating an interactive training environment

Creating a friendly and single purpose atmosphere - Icebreakers, using non-verbal communication and effective body language, managing the question and answer period, successfully handling difficult trainees


Element 4: Handling Difficult Situations and students

Element 5: Using Training Aides Effectively

Using Visual Aids effectively, selecting suitable audio visual tools, practicing the use of case studies in training, cassettes, short cases and Harvard-style long cases, practicing the use of role plays in training.

Using in-class hands-on exercises, self-assessments and surveys.

Practice Sessions

Second Presentation: Practicing Delivery

Unit Two:

Training Design and Development

Element 1: The adult learning theory

Principles of Adult Learning, motivating the adult learner


Element 2: Determine training needs.

Element 3: Drawing up the training matrix.

Element 4: Training Program Design and Planning

How to design a training program, techniques on writing learning objectives, techniques of planning a workshop, how to preparing a Lesson plan, how to design and conduct on-the-job-training

Element 5: Evaluating Training Session

Assessment of learning objectives, evaluation of training


Element 6: Final Assessment Presentation

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