Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) Initial Training

  • Effectively carry out the functions of HLO.
  • Manage the helideck and helideck assistant effectively.
  • Communicate with signs, sounds and visuals during helicopter landing and take off.
  • Understand helideck markings, sizes and limitations Coordinate activities during helicopter fueling.
  • Understand the requirements for helideck checks.
  • Be able to list minimum equipment required.
  • Understand hand signals in use on the helideck.
  • Understand the need for control of cranes and vessels.
  • Have discussed the minimum requirements for PPE.
  • Have an understanding of safety implications for movement on the helideck.

Training Duration:

The helicopter landing officer (HLO) training has a duration of two days classroom training. This includes classroom presentations, discussion, exercises and role plays. We can organise the training onsite in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea

Training Prerequisite:

There are no prerequisites for the Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) Training, however, it is recommended participant have basic knowledge on fire fighting and the use of fire extinguishers or fire hoses. Ability to write and understand basic English or French

Who Benefit From this Training

The helicopter landing officer (HLO) training will be of great benefit to Helideck Assistant, Roustabout called to attend on the helideck, personnel who are to be appointed to the role of  Helicopter Landing Officer, safety Officers and other personnel working around Heli landing areas.

Training Course Content

The HLO Initial helicopter landing officer (HLO) training Programme comprises the following modules and elements:


Module 1: Offshore Helideck Regulations and Guidelines

Element 1.1 Regulations and guidelines

Module 2: Helicopter and Helideck Hazards and Management Systems

Element 2.1 Offshore helideck landing areas

Element 2.2 Helideck equipment and systems

Element 2.3 Helicopter and helideck hazards

Element 2.4 Helicopter refueling awareness

Module 3: HLO Responsibilities during Helicopter Landing and Departure

Element 3.1 the role and key responsibilities of an HLO

Element 3.2 HLO checks, procedures and communications during helicopter operations

Element 3.3 Supervise HDAs

Module 4: Supervision of Passenger and Cargo Handling

Element 4.1 Supervise cargo handling

Element 4.3 Supervise passenger handling

Module 5: HLO: Normally Unattended Installations

Element 5.1 HLO responsibilities on an NU


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