Customer Service Training Course

delegates should be able to :


  • Know the different types of Customers,
  • Handle the most sophisticated and complicated problems of customers
  • Analyse customer need
  • Understand Customer Expectations
  • Succesfully handle difficult and upset customers
  • Win back angry and departing customers,
  • Turn difficult customers to faithful clients

Duration of this Customer Service Training:


This Customer Service Training course has a duration of Three (3) days. This include classroom presentations, discussion and exercises using role plays and simulations. We can organise the training onsite in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea


Pre-requisite :  

There are no prerequisite, however, participants should be able to speak either english or french



Those who will benefit from the training:

Customer Service Unit Personnel, customer service professionals, service agents, Frontline workers, Cleaners/Cooks, Security Guards,  Any employee who deals directly with Customers



Course content

Module 1: Introduction to Customer Service
 What Is Customer Service
 Developing a Customer-Centric Mindset
 Who Are Your Customers?
 When & Where Does Customer Service Take Place
 The Need For Customer Service
 Rewards
 Penalties
Module 2: Customer Service communication Skills
 Developing Effective Communication Skills
 Presenting a Professional Image
 Non-verbal Communication Skills
 Body Language
 Physical Distance
 Verbal Communication Skills
 Choice of Words
 Tone Of Voice
 Opening a dialogue
 Closing the dialogue
 Appealing to ration vs. appealing to emotions
 The positive mindset
Module 3: Dealing with difficult and Upset Customers
 What Makes Customers Upset?
 Avoiding Upsets
 What Can You Do To Avoid Upsets?
 5 Key Steps to Calming Upset customers
 What To Do When You Are Upset.
 Dealing with Vulgarity
 Coping with Insults
 Dealing with Legal and Physical Threats
Module 4: Recovering Difficult Customers
 De-Escalating Anger
 Establishing Common Ground
 Setting your Limits
 Managing your own Emotions
Module 5: Generating Return Business
 Addressing Complaints
 Turning Difficult Customers to faithful clients
Module 6: Telephone Customer Service
 Mastering The Telephone
 Answering The Telephone
 A Professional Greeting
 Active Listening
 Putting Callers On Hold
 Closing The Call
Module 7: Internet Customer Skills
 E-mail Communication Guidelines
 Online Chat
 Internet Customer Skills
 Scripted Responses
 Placing a Chat on Hold
 Closing a Chat session
 Websites
 Customer Online Support

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