Defensive Driving four wheel Drive (4X4) Vehicles

upon completion of the course it is expected that all drivers will demonstrate:

  • Ability to anticipate, identify and avoid hazards on the road while driving
  • Proficiency to use emergency braking techniques on and off road
  • Aptitude to apply defensive driving techniques while driving
  • An understanding of the effects of alcohol / drugs / fatigue
  • An understanding of correct tyre pressures and when to alter them
  • Apply correct four wheel drive techniques off road
  • Be able to safely operate recovery equipment


Training Duration:

This defensive driving training for four wheel drive (4X4) vehicles has a duration of two days. This include classroom presentations, discussion and exercises, practical exercises, huddle course and commentary driving. We can organise the training onsite in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea


Training Prerequisite:

To take part in the defensive driving training for four wheel drive (4X4) vehicles, participants should be holders of at least a category B driving licence and must have atleast one year of continues driving expirience


Who will benefit from this Training

This defensive driving training for four wheel drive (4X4) vehicles will be of immense benefit to drivers operating 4WD vehicles for work or pleasure. Those who want to gain indepth knowledge of 4X4 vehicles. It caters for drivers that are new to 4WD operation or want to gain confidence in a variety of conditions and recovery equipment.


Training Course Outline

  • The defensive driver, concentration and attitude
  • Risk taking behaviour
  • Alcohol and drug awareness
  • Fatigue awareness and time management
  • Speed management and effects of speed on 4X4 vehicles
  • Vehicle loading and monitoring
  • Trip planning and management
  • Common crash scenarios
  • Safety in the car and driving position
  • Steering techniques
  • 4X4 transmission system
  • Braking systems and components
  • Emergency procedures
  • Defensive driving techniques (Smith System)
  • 4WD systems and operation
  • Soft sand / water and mud driving conditions
  • Inclines and declines routes and terrains
  • Recovery equipment



  • Emergency stop on hard road surface various speeds
  • Emergency stop on gravel road surface at various speeds
  • Operation on soft sand/mud
  • Operating on off road tracks (hi-low range operation over a variety of terrain)
  • Safely climbing and descending
  • Using recovery equipment
  • Optional – river / water crossing
  • Vehicle pre-start checks
  • Road side repairs (including tyre changing)
  • Battery jump start

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